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Our Story

Zarah Juan is a social and cultural enterprise that support sustainable livelihoods through partnerships with different communities. Its selection of bags, shoes, and accessories feature unique, handcrafted Philippine designs. Each product is borne from a collaboration among various artisan communities.Β 

Each collection is designed with the intention of preserving our Philippine cultural heritage.

It takes on the challenge of pioneering a culture that promotes the pride, integrity, and dignity of Filipino creativity.

By elevating living traditions as a source of livelihood, Zarah Juan hopes to encourage younger generations of artisans to continue traditional Filipino handicrafts.

Step into a beautiful journey.

Shoe collection

Home is where your story begins.

Tahanan collection

Sparkle a little brighter.

handmade accessories

Face Mask Collection


More than a year of wearing masks, we have evolved our collection with silhouettes that are comfortable, versatile and fits well.

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