TV Bag

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Our story

Our designs always come from a place of gratitude and a nostalgic yearning of the past or the so-called “good old days.” These recollections of past events make us feel that life had roots and continuity. It provided a texture to our life and gave us strength to move forward.

We bring you our Retro Collection, a recollection of our past to give all of you a moment of appreciation of how far we have journeyed together and though we are all facing a life full of uncertainties, let’s gather memorable inspirations from the past and welcome the future with a happy heart.

The Boombox with casette tapes, Partyline with strangers on the other end, and TV antennas that sometimes worked all made a memorable childhood or an imprint of the simple times. They are gone but not forgotten, all but a memory. The happy times they brought with them are captured in the Retro Collection.

What’s your favourite?


Length: 10 inches 
Height: 6.5 inches 
Width: 3 inches

Weight Grams 
840 grams


Hand-carved Wood

Inabel for lining

Benguet Handwoven Strap

100% Leather

Collaborating communities

Paete, Laguna wood artisans

Arbra handwoven fabric

Bulacan artisans assembly