Bupanda - 060

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Our Story

The bright colours of the Bupanda radiate fun and playful vibe and at the same time embraces you into comfort and style. ⁣ ⁣ Each Bupanda is one of a kind and no two patterns are alike. It is a masterpiece created by the Bagobo Tagabawa Community, and it is a traditional beadwork that also brings access to livelihood for the tribe. ⁣


About the colorful pompoms that adorn each and every bupanda. Each pompom is hand pulled to create one ball. Yarn is attached to an instrument and each strand of yarn is pulled to create the pompoms on each bupanda. The amount of tension and the amount of pull is only achieved through years of experience. The simplicity is mind boggling. 



We would like to encourage the proper use of the Bupanda out of respect for the Bagobo Tagabawa community. It is encouraged to only use the Bupanda in respectful ways and using it on top of bikini's is frowned upon. 



NOTE: Each item is one of a kind. We will only entertain purchases through this website. For efficiency and to avoid duplicate orders we will not entertain reservations and purchases on Instagram Please bear with us as we are only working with minimum crew. 




Body without tails

Height: approximately 16.5 inches

Length: approximately 30 inches



Approximately 14 inches each 


Weight: approximately 234 grams

Some will weigh a bit more or a bit less due to the beads used so an approximation is given but will differ per Bupanda. 



Care section

Taking care of your Bupanda 


We only recommend hand washing with a light liquid detergent. 


You may also machine wash in a small mesh garment bag and set to delicates. 

Use a light liquid detergent like Perwol for cleaning your Bupanda. Powder detergents may leave a powdery residue on your pompoms or beads when dry. Follow measurements of liquid detergent. 

Handwash lightly as not to rub beads together. Pompoms should not be scrubbed. 


Wring lightly to remove water. Do not wring pompoms. 

Flat dry on a mesh (nonmetal) surface away from direct sunlight (to preserve color). 

Hanging Bupanda may result in the fabric being “pulled”. We recommend flat drying. 


Store flat.