MARAHUYO in tagalog is “Mabighani or
Maakit”,  the collection thrives to
induce, persuade or enchant one’s eye. 
Each bead is interlocked so no pattern is alike. 
The collection of our bags, clutches and sandals are
 handcrafted by the Bagobo Tagabawa Community.  

12 inches (Upper Length) x 8.5 inches (Height) 
Oval bottom: 7.25 inches (Base length) x 5.5 inches (Base width)

500-600 grams

• Beadwork from Bagobo Tagabawa Community
• Genuine leather
• Handwoven fabrics from Isabela province
• Suede Interior Lining 

Color variations may occur from actual products due to a number of reasons. The photos presented are as close to, or as accurately possible from the actual products. This is merely a guide and not be regarded as an actual representation of the actual item.

-Deliveries within the day on 
Metro Manila via Lalamove 
-Deliveries on Luzon Area will be shipped
 within 1 - 2 working days via LBC
-Deliveries on Visayas & Mindanao Area will be shipped with 2 -3 working days via LBC

*No Deliveries on National Holidays and on Sundays.

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