Doblada Face Mask in Neutral Set of 3

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Our Doblada Face Mask is a triple layer mask, folded on the nose and chin for perfect coverage. It has an ample breathing space for comfort and ease of movement. It is equipped with nose pinch-wire for a snug fit, and a well sewn pocket for filter.

Our Doblada in subdued colors are made of handwoven fabrics by Isabela and Abra weavers and sewn meticulously by women artisans of Bulacan.

Height: 3 inches (folded) 6.5 (open) 
Length: 8 inches  
Weight: 30 grams 
First Layer: Inabel
Second Layer: Woven 100% cotton 
Third Layer: Silk Crepe 

Garter: Ultra soft with adjuster.

Nonwoven PP : 6 filters included

3 Masks per bundle

Drawstring satin pouch