Mini Takatak Bag Charm

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Our Story

The Mini Takatak Bag Charm only appears once in a blue moon because they are a special product made by the artisans of Zamboanga City. Bulacan bag makers assembled them skillfully using a special leather edging technique that we have learned through several years of practice. 


Ever wonder why it was named Takatak? On cobblestones or streets where horses were used to ferry passengers their unique sound on that surface is, you guessed it takatak takatak. A once common sight around Manila has become more of a tourist ride rather than a form of transport from A to B. We rekindle the once prominent horses of Manila and the country side onto a mini version. Available in a number of quirky colors to suit your desire. 



Satin Dust Bag



Horse: 8cm x 7cm

Leather: Length 47cm

Weight: 25 grams



Wooden beads

100% Leather


We believe that all customers who order online will have slightly different colors displayed on their monitors compared to the actual products displayed  on the website. Shade, lighting, and reflections will display differently on each monitor or handheld device.

Customer Reviews

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Marivic Occena
Mini Takatak

Received my items from Manila to USA, well packaged, well made and a treasure for me. I am proud to display this with my favorite bag/purse .
I am proud of the workmanship and design . I support #juantribe and of course @ZarahJuan.

Rosario De Guzman
Mini Takayuki bag charm